Lifetime Warranty

We - IRD Mechanalysis Limited (hereafter referred to as 'IRD') offer Lifetime Warranty on Products manufactured by us in India. The complete list of such products are provided below:

  1. IRD8800 Series
  2. IRD7100 Series
  3. IRD7200 Series
  4. IRD7400 Series
  5. IRD306 Series
  6. IRD811 Series
  7. IRD500 Sensor Series

Warranty covers Manufacturers defects in material and workmanship under normal use.

Definition of 'Lifetime'

The term Lifetime indicates - the usable period till which the product is in the Market. When a product is made Obsolete at the sole discretion of IRD, then that event will be called as End of Lifetime for the product. IRD will proactively inform the product users about such an event (if any). As on 25 July 2023, the predicted remaining Lifetime in years for products covered under Lifetime Warranty are:

  1. IRD8800 Series - 30 Years
  2. IRD7100 Series - 30 Years
  3. IRD7200 Series - 25 Years
  4. IRD7400 Series - 20 Years
  5. IRD306 Series - 20 Years
  6. IRD811 Series - 20 Years
  7. IRD500 Sensor Series - 30 Years

Contents of the Warranty

IRD shall at its sole discretion, have the option of repairing or replacing the relevant part or parts free of charge and supplying them to the purchaser. The provisions of this warranty constitute the sole and exclusive remedy available to the purchaser with regard to said defective IRD products.

The defective parts which have been replaced shall be made available to IRD and shall be the property of IRD. In no event shall the purchaser have a right to return the IRD product without prior written consent of IRD

Restrictions of Warranty

This warranty has been given provided that the IRD product is used in its normal intended use and that due care and compliance with the instructions given by IRD are observed. The obligations of IRD have been restricted to these warranty terms and conditions and the warranty does not cover the losses incurred as a result of damage to other property or persons.


The warranty does not cover defects which are the result of:

  • Transportation of the IRD product;

  • negligence by the user of the IRD product or failure to observe the instructions given by IRD or proper care;

  • circumstances outside the control of IRD, such as theft, fire, accidents or acts of vandalism;

  • failure to observe the installation or operating instructions, or other failure, when installing, placing or emptying the IRD product; and

  • normal wear and tear


The warranty does not cover defects which are insignificant to the use of the IRD product, such as repair of superficial scratches

Procedure in Case of a Defect

The purchaser shall inform IRD in writing without delay at The writing shall include the following information: (1) the product in question (model, serial number), (2) specification of the defect as accurately as possible, and (3) the circumstances in which the defect was detected and/or appears.

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