Vibration Monitoring Systems

IRD Mechanalysis Limited is involved in the Design, Manufacture, Testing, Supply and Installation of On-Line Vibration Monitoring Systems. These systems are Made in India and are Made for the World. These systems offer round the clock monitoring, transmission and protection to rotating assets such as Motors, Pumps, Fans, Turbines, etc. from the ill effects of High Vibration.

Listed below are the options available from us in On-Line Vibration Monitoring Systems - They range from Systems that are Field Mountable to survive harsh industrial environment to sophisticated programmable monitoring systems that are API 670 Compliant

Mount in Control Room

IRD8800 Series - API 670 Compliant

IRD8800 Series - API 670 Compliant

IRD8800 Series of Vibration Monitoring Systems are API 670 Compliant. They are Rack Based and most suited for mounting in Control Room and for protection of Critical Assets

Field Mountable/Mount in Control Room

IRD7100 Series - Machinery Protection Transmitter

IRD7100 Series of Vibration Monitoring Systems are Field Mountable and are built to withstand harsh Industrial Environments and are suited for critical and semi-critical rotary assets

IRD7400 Series - Loop Powered Transmitter

IRD7400 Series of Loop Powered Transmitters are suited for Semi-Critical Rotary Assets. They are cost-effective and provide for easy monitoring and trending

Tabular comparison between IRD8800, IRD7100 and IRD7400 Series of Vibration Monitoring Systems

Series Display Monitoring Trending Protection
IRD8800 Series - API 670 CompliantYes. In-built alphanumeric display and bargraph display Yes. User configurable Full Scale, Sensitivity and other parametersYes. 4-20 mA output. In-Built MODBUS RTU/TCP-IP Output Yes. Alarm and Trip Relay Contacts per Channel. Set Points configurable
 IRD7100 Series - Machinery Protection Transmitter Available in configurations with Display and without DisplayYes. Factory Set Full Scale, Sensitivity and other parameters  Yes. 4-20 mA output. MODBUS Output Optional Yes. Alarm and Trip Relay Contacts per Channel. Set Points Configurable
IRD7400 Series - Loop Powered Transmitter Not In-Built. 0-2.5 V DC output provided for connection to external displayYes. Factory Set Full Scale, Sensitivity and other parameters  Yes. 4-20 mA output. MODBUS Output OptionalNot In-built. Alarm and Trip to be done externally 
Example Installations

Vibration Monitoring System for Coal Handling Conveyors

Coal Handling Conveyors are essential to the Supply of Coal which is a Fuel Source to Thermal Power Plants. Downtime of these conveyors will lead to Supply Chain Challenges and will affect the continuous operation of dependent Thermal Power Plants. Our Vibration Monitoring Systems ensure that problems related to high vibration are conveyed to user in advance so that they are able to plan and take corrective steps that will prevent downtime in their equipment.

Vibration Monitoring System for Stator End Winding Vibration of Generator

Continuous Operation of a Generator is critical to the Generation of Power. Knowing the Stator End Winding Vibration is essential for the safe and efficient operation of the Generator. Our Vibration Monitoring System with the help of Special High Temperature Accelerometers and Charge Amplifiers or Fiber Optic Vibration Sensors, is able to monitor the Generator End Winding Vibration along with monitoring of the First and Second Harmonic of Generator Frequency

Vibration Monitoring System for Balance of Plant Equipment

Balance of Plant equipment such as Motors, Pumps, Fans, etc. are essential to the continuous operation of a plant. They support the process being carried out in the plant and their unplanned downtime is costly to the users of the equipment. Our Vibration Monitoring Systems ensure that the vibration levels of these equipment are monitored round the clock, transmitted to the control room, and protected from ill effects of high and very high vibration using protection relays

How we ensure Quality

Our Systems are meant to Monitor and Protect Critical Assets and thus Quality and Reliability is of paramount importance. We ensure Quality and Reliability by taking the following steps in our Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management:

  • We source our Raw Materials from Trusted Sources with whom we have had a long and successful association. New Sources go through strict Vendor Evaluation
  • We have established Visual, Dimensional, Functional and Calibration Checks for our Inwards and In-Process Inspection. We ensure that defects (if any) are captured and eliminated at the beginning of the process.
  • Finished Products go through Multi-Step Quality Checks before dispatch
  • Products are Type Tested for Vibration, Dry Heat, Damp Heat, EMI and EMC
  • We get our Processes externally audited at regular intervals to ensure compliance to Quality Standards and Practices

Our Monitoring Systems are Trusted by Companies Around the World

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