Hydro Power - Vibration Monitoring Systems and Solutions

Hydro Power is considered as one of the most Economic and Eco-Friendly source of Energy. Power is generated by the use of Gravitational Force of falling or flowing water.

The Turbine and Generator being used to harness this Power must be protected from the ill effects of High Vibration. Condition Monitoring of the Turbine and Generator helps avoid Breakdown and increase availability of the Machine.

We provide a number of Solutions for Condition Monitoring of Hydro Turbines that range from Portable Instruments to On-Line Monitoring Systems and Consulting Services.

Read through to understand the Solutions that we offer for the Hydro Sector. If you have any questions, then please feel free to Contact Us on +91-2248972000 or Email us at sales@irdmech.com

Portable Instruments
On-Line Monitoring Systems
Consulting Services
Portable Instruments

Portable Vibration Meters are highly useful to carry out Routine Maintenance checks and thereby carry out a Preventive or Predictive Maintenance Program. For Hydro Turbines, we recommend Vibration Meters with the ability to measure Vibration Amplitude in terms of Velocity and Displacement. We also recommend buying long cables as accessories of at least 10m length for ease in Measurement. Most Hydro Turbines run on a Low RPM and thus we also recommend using Vibration Meters that have Low Frequency Sensors in order to correctly detect Vibration.

The products that match the above criteria the best are enlisted below. You can choose to Purchase the same Online or contact our Sales Team for a formal quote. All suggested Vibration Meters have been proven effective at Hydro Power Installations across the World.

On-Line Monitoring Systems

Hydro Turbines need to run Continuously to generate Hydro Electricity. Sometimes failures can build in between routine checks and can wreak havoc. Thus, for that Extra layer of Protection and Peace of Mind, we offer On-Line Monitoring Systems. These systems continuously Monitor, Trend and Protect the Machine from Ill effects of High Vibration.

Sensors are mounted in the Radial Direction on each bearing - Upper Guide Bearing (UGB), Lower Guide Bearing (LGB) and Turbine Guide Bearing (TGB). These sensors are Non-Contact type Eddy Current Probes. These probes measure the Displacement of the Turbine Rotor in two perpendicular directions.

The sensors are terminated to a Junction Box close to the Bearing and the signals are taken via Bulk Triad Cables to the Vibration Monitoring System Panel.

The Vibration Monitoring System provides the following:

  • Instantaneous Value Indication in terms of Displacement Microns peak-peak, peak or RMS for Relative Shaft Vibration. For Casing Vibration measurement through Accelerometer, the indication can be shown in terms of Acceleration or Velocity or Displacement.
  • 4-20 mA output per channel, Alarm and Trip relay contacts and Redundant MODBUS RTU/TCP-IP communication
  • Buffered Outputs to Optional Data Acquisition, Analysis and Diagnostic System OR for connection to a Portable Vibration Analyzer

The System is Scalable and can be Customized to Site requirements. Installing this System will help your Operations and Maintenance (O&M) team to take decisions in Advance after looking into Trends and Plots. This in turn will help your Maintenance to turn into a Profit Center.

To get a Custom quote against your requirements, please fill in this form and we shall get back to you.

For a quicker resolution you can also choose to Email Us at sales@irdmech.com or call us on +91-2248972000

Some of our Clients
Consulting Services

Every Machine Vibrates when it runs, any increase in Vibration is a sign of Trouble and each trouble has its own unique characteristics. It can be overwhelming at times to decide the underlying problem in the machine and the cause of high vibration. Here is where our team of Experts can help you take care of your Hydro Turbine by providing the following Services:

  • Vibration Measurement and Analysis
  • In-Situ Dynamic Balancing
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Thermography

If you require any of the above services, then please fill out the form and we shall get back to you. You can also choose to Email Us or call us on +91-2248972000 for a quicker resolution.
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