IRD811D - Digital Vibration Meter cum Spike Energy Detector with Standard Accessories

IRD811D is a Portable Digital Vibration Meter cum Spike Energy Detector. It is an easy  to  use  and read meter with  a  digital  display.  It measures machinery  vibration  amplitude  in  terms  of  displacement (microns),  velocity  (mm/sec)  and  acceleration  (g).  It  is  also  able  to  help  assess  anti‐ friction bearing  condition through measurement of Spike Energy (gSETM).

The broadband measurement of gSETM enable detection and measuring of “bursts” of Spike Energy at  Ultrasonic frequencies. Bearing defects developing such as micro spalls, cracks and lack of lubrication  can be quickly identified thus preventing unscheduled plant outage. From precision bearing inspection  to plant‐wide maintenance, the IRD811D has the sensitivity for measuring fractions of a micrometer to  2000 microns. Its integrated circuit technology provides wide dynamic range and long battery life.

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Product Details
Included in the Box:

  • IRD811D Digital Vibration Meter
  • Multi‐purpose Accelerometer – IRD521
  • 1.2m (4ft) cable assembly with spare cable
  • Magnetic Portable Base for IRD521 (also compatible with other IRD500 series sensors)
  • Stinger
  • Carrying Case
  • 2 Nos. of 9V, 100mAh dry cells
Technical Specifications:
  • Measurement ranges:
    • Displacement – 20 microns, 200 microns, 2,000 microns pk‐pk
    • Velocity – 20 mm/sec, 200 mm/sec, 2,000 mm/sec pk or RMS on demand
    • Acceleration – 20 g, 200 g, 2000 g pk
    • Spike EnergyTM – 20 gSETM, 200 gSETM, 2000 gSETM
    • RMS – Available on request
  • Frequency Range:
    • Displacement – 300 CPM to 24,000 CPM (5 Hz to 400 Hz)
    • Velocity – 300 CPM to 1,50,000 CPM (5 Hz to 2,500 Hz)
    • Acceleration – 300 CPM to 6,00,000 CPM (5 Hz to 10,000 Hz)
  • Accuracy of Instrument – 1% of Full Scale Reading (FSR)
  • Input – Accelerometer IRD521
  • Display – LCD 3 1/2 Digit
  • Power requirements – Internal battery – 2 Nos. of 9V, 100 mAh Dry cells
  • Operating temperature ‐ 0˚C to 55 ˚C
  • Storage temperature ‐ ‐18 ˚C to +60 ˚C
  • Weight and Dimensions: Instrument 0.4 kg, 175 mm (L) x 80 mm (W) x 54 mm (H)
  • Carrying Case – 2 kg (including meter and standard accessories)

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